babies under 2

This class is for babies under 2 years. They meet in the Nursery (The Mascot’s Changing Room) which is located off the lobby. Every Sunday morning, you will find a registered nurse and a cheerful mom there to take care of your precious baby.  


2- & 3-year-olds

They may be little, but they are eager and ready to learn. Every week, experienced teachers work with the “Little Leaguers”, teaching them a real Bible lesson. They are also taught Christian behavior, like sharing, through lessons and playtime.  


4- & 5-year-olds

The Cross Trainers have an awesome time “in training” every Sunday. Super-duper lessons taught by out-of–this-world certified elementary teachers keep the kids on the edges of their seats. There’s never a dull moment in this factual, yet fun-filled class!


grades 1-3

Every Sunday, the "Runners” are having a fun, fantastical time learning God’s Word. Our amazingly gifted certified elementary teachers are committed to crazy, creative teaching, infusing each lesson with fabulous facts and fun! Without a doubt, your child will look forward to church every Sunday!


grades 4-5

What a wild and crazy time the "Champions” have learning about God! Our “best of the best” certified elementary teachers cannot be beat as they take your children on imaginative Bible adventures. Their goal is to combine truth and terrific teaching, keeping your child enthusiastic week after week!


Every Sunday morning, the kids might watch a puppet show or a skit, sing songs, 

play wild and crazy games, have a lesson and make a craft!

The old saying "children are our future" is definitely true, 

so we want the kids to have fun while they're leaning about God! 

At Crosspointe, we believe that God wants to build strong relationships with our kids through the teachings of His son Jesus, so we do everything we can to teach them correctly while keeping them interested!

WHAT We Teach

We are studying the Bible from creation to Christ's resurrection. 

It is our goal to give our children a firm foundation, so we're starting at the beginning and not stopping till we're through!

HOW We Teach

The Starting Line Up is a great place for children and the rest of the family to find their way back to God. This idea is applicable in everyone's life, believer and non-believer. 

Every Sunday morning we gather in different class rooms, according to age. We settle in (attendance, welcome back, how was your week?, etc.). 

Next, we sing a song or two. And sometimes we'll even get to watch a video. After our lesson, we do crafts, memory verses, and those wild and crazy games!

For the safety of your child, all teachers at Crosspointe are required to take a class on Child Abuse Prevention and are fingerprinted for criminal history.

WHY We Teach

We believe it is our job to help your child grow into a happy, productive adult. 

We believe the best way to do that is for your child to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

So, bring them to The Starting Line Up for an hour of learning and fun. 

And join us for worship celebration! It will be the best hour of your week!