MATTHEW 6:9-13


I. Our Father who art in heaven

A. Picture the delight on God’s face as you come to Him and ask, “Can we talk?” Notice His interest in what you are about to say.

B. Take a moment to enjoy the warmth and security you feel when you remember that you are God’s child.


II. Hallowed be Thy name (Holy is Your name)

A. Allow some thought of God to rise to the surface of your mind. Thank Him and praise Him for whatever that means to you. Examples:

 1. He has created a beautiful world for you.

 2. He is your Savior.

 3. He has forgiven you for everything you’ve done wrong. He died so that you could go to heaven.

 4. He is Omnipresent — He is everywhere present and so is with you, not far away.

 5. He is Holy Spirit — He is in you, giving life to your spirit, making you eternally alive.

 6. He is Omniscient — He is all knowing. He knows all about you and still loves and accepts you. He knows how to handle the problems you face.

 7. He is Omnipotent — He is all powerful and His power is available to you. He’s bigger and stronger than Satan and all his helpers.

 8. He is your Father — He is the good father you’ve always longed for, protecting you, loving you, guiding you, spending time with you.

 Note: Build a list of names for and descriptions of God to use during this part of your prayer time. This focus on Him will automatically address many of the things that are bothering you.


B. If His name is holy, ask yourself, “Am I taking the Lord’s name in vain?”

1. Am I using God’s name when I’m not speaking to Him, when I’m upset or angry?

2. Is there a weakness in my faith — a place where I know something about God, but am not trusting Him or obeying Him at that point?

3. Seek His help at that point. Admit your weakness. Apologize for your lack of trust. Ask Him to help you turn your unbelief into belief.


III. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Remember God’s kingdom refers to all that willingly submit to His rule.

A. Submit yourself to His rule and will.

1. Make sure you are right with God.

2. Picture Jesus sitting on the throne of your life and ask Him to take control of every detail.

3. Lay out your day before the Lord and ask Him to approve your agenda and to direct you through it.

B. Pray for each individual member of your family.


C. Pray for your church — the minister, the leadership, the faithfulness of people, the harvest.


D. Pray for the nation — for city, state, and national political leaders; for spiritual leaders; for revival.


E. Pray for the world.


IV. Give us this day our daily bread (This is not just about food, but all our needs.)

A. Bring your specific need to the Lord. Be sure it’s a need, not a want and is right in God’s sight.


B. Bring the needs of others to the Lord.


C. Thank Him and praise Him for His provisions in the past. Thank Him and praise Him in advance for taking care of your needs today.


D. Ask for God’s will to be done, not yours. Remember what we think we want may not actually be what is best. We must trust God.


V. And forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.

A. Confess all of your known sins.

1. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal areas in your life that aren’t pleasing to God.

2. Ask God to help you hate the sins you commit and to deliver you from them.

3. Accept God’s forgiveness of confessed sins according to 1 John 1:9.


B. By a deliberate act of your will, forgive anyone who has sinned against you. Release them from any accountability to you. Pray for them.


C. Set your will to forgive anyone who sins against you today. Make up your mind to return good for evil; to love your enemies.


VI. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

A. Put on the whole armor of God — truth, righteousness, the gospel of peace, faith, salvation, the Word of God (Ephesians 6).


B. Declare: He is my refuge, my fortress, my God; in Him will I trust (Psalm 91:1).


C. Ask for specific protection in areas where you feel vulnerable today.


VII. For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever.

A. Praise God for inviting you to be a part of His kingdom. Praise Him for including you in all that is good and eternally worthwhile.


B. Praise God for the power He wields over all that opposes the good and the eternally worthwhile; for His ability to take care of you; and for the power He allows to flow through you in defense of others.


C. End as you began. Think about some glorious truth about God. Worship Him again.




Prepared by Richard A. Carpenter

With additions by Nona Lohr

Colonial Heights Christian Church

Kingsport, Tennessee